Episode 1

No More Musix: The Documentary (Episode 1)



It is hard to describe the amount of money and resources put into making an album. I experienced every emotion while trying figure out a way to push my music forward. Never really understood how my honesty will resonate with people so I just blocked out the noise and created. I challenged myself a lot during "Sorry No More Musix". All my favorite albums captured a story with a movie like aura. Mixtapes for the most part are a collection of dope songs. I revisited one of my favorite albums of all time by Gangstarr. The “Moment of Truth” album paved the way for me and my ability to channel emotion through music. Guru and DJ Premier together shaped the Hip-Hop landscape. I owe a lot of my preparation to this album. This episode will help shed light on my mindset during the album making process. I hope the cinematic feel of “Sorry No More Musix" resonate with people today and beyond. 

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