Episode 2

No More Musix: The Documentary (Episode 2)



“Growing up on the Eastside of Cleveland, hip-hop gave him a voice to express his thoughts on everything from his own personal issues to the societal upheavals that have come to define his times.” This phrase from the author is written well because what I endured in Cleveland created my sound and my mindset. I never saw what success was while growing up. The only thing I was taught was to survive and try to live honestly. Its hard to live honestly when you trapped in areas of poverty and crime. I have done things that was not ideal, but you must adjust to the surroundings fast or you can be killed. You must check the temperature of the streets to live through. It is a certain lingo that only people in poverty can speak. Episode 2 will educate you on that language and pain. 2016 was the start of “Musix” series, and my Cleveland upbringing sparked the sound and content.

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