From the recording Sorry No More Musix

Produced by: Beatbusta


All of this pain, it’s never fabricated
Man its sad to say it, cant exaggerate it (like)
I don’t give a fuck I just masturbated
I just mastered the game (like)
I don’t even know you why you ask for my name (yeah)
They be talkin’ a lot I’m workin’
Long days I know success ain’t got a curfew
Fuck it y’all its virtue
Regardless this shit a hurt you
Seein’ a nigga winning some people a try to earth you (but)
I gotta keep it pushin’
I gotta keep it movin’
I just keep it groovy
You can catch me im chillin’ like Rory at Palooza
That’s that Dusse
I feel like Hov up on a Tuesday
I don’t want your boo bae
I don’t care what you say
Can handle it like two ways
I’m feelin’ like I’m Lupe
No baggage claim, that suitcase
On the rise like Souffle
That’s new cake, I’m too great
I’m jumpin’ out that Blue Blaze, I’m Luke Cage
Why you runnin’ for
You done done it boy
And I done done it all
And I don’t fuck wit y’all
Right on the heels of greatness and ain’t comin’ off
I’m here forever my n**** and I don’t front at all (run it)

Okay it’s never enough
I seen a dead body oozin’ and a grown man cry
I done came from nothin’ (it’s like)
Miss me with that shit
Fuck the fame and cuffin’
Bout that money and respect
Ain’t no introductions
I’m just livin’ and I’m learnin’
I’m learnin’ that the livin’ ain’t concerned with
They just tryin’ turn shit
They just tryin’ curve shit
With Instagram likes and n***** turned............
And bad bitches borin’
And mad niggas scorin’
No passport wit em but steady be drivin’ foreigns
Im layin’ on that table seein’ death what you been through
Ain’t runnin’ from my past, I don’t miss you
Standing on the game like I’m Ten Two
Five-O I aint tryin’ die tho
Black in America
Black but you scared of us, I seen a lot
People act like they ZZ Top
Until they see the plot
People drummin’ up out that drop (wait)
Wait a second I am up tho
I ain’t in a rush ****
Shawty want the nut tho
I prove to be
Keep claiming that you a G, you a soon to be
People reading your eulogy, ain’t no two of me (yeah)

On to the next
Born with the best
And shawty havin’ sex
I’m the Teflon
Be careful who you bet on or bet against
The man of sense, I’m the medicine
Let me levitate n**** (I’m here)

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