1. So Deep

From the recording Sorry No More Musix

Produced by: Beatbusta



Workin’ my nerve, now you workin’ my patience
It’s nothing shawty, I don’t switch I can take it
I’m lovin’ the vibe
I know that you hate it
Tellin’ your friends how I’m changing
Man you can’t face it, wastin’ (yeah)
You just never really wanted love
You just want a n****
Think you run a n****
Use another n**** I’m not the one
Prodigal son I do magic
Changin’ your life that the facts and
Its nothin’ you did but its somethin’ I’m doin’
Talkin’ that shit like you front like you do it (but)
Sorry don’t run in ya rat race
Listen shawty I don’t stat chase
I been about it, you can see
I been about it, every week
I been about it, I’m a freak


Livin’ that life that you wishin’
I don’t be braggin’ or bitchin’
Why you so mad
Why you trippin’
Feelin’ that heat in the kitchen
Worried bout others opinions
Feelin’ that pain, I can see it rise
Drivin’ you insane, see it in your eyes
Step in that flame, now you callin’ my name (oh yeah, oh yeah)
Callin’ my name but never the same (oh yeah, oh yeah)
Holding me tight, oh you scared of the rain (oh yeah, oh yeah)
I’m so deep, got her screamin’ I came