Foreverr Brandon

CMR Founder

A Cleveland native with an uncanny ability to turn dark thoughts into powerful art, He represents a generation of thoughtful young rappers.  He started creating music at the young age of eleven and has since gone on to spend his entire adult life steadfastly pursuing his vision. Now, the music world is beginning to take notice. 


Foreverr Brandon’s lyrics are informed by the hard earned wisdom of a young man who has always had to struggle to survive in poverty.  Growing up on the Eastside of Cleveland, hip-hop gave him a voice to express his thoughts on everything from his own personal issues to the societal upheavals that have come to define his times.  His first few singles caught the attention of many in the underground, but it was his breakthrough ‘Musix’ series that established him as an artist capable of reaching the highest levels of success in the industry.


Because there isn’t a clear blueprint to success for an ambitious artist from Cleveland, Foreverr Brandon has set out to make his own.  With the recent launch of CMR (Cleveland Musix Regime), he has created a way to not only promote his own music, but to elevate the voices of countless deserving young talents in his hometown.  Currently, Foreverr Brandon is preparing new music for release this year and beyond. Thanks to his dedication and pure talent, he is set to make major waves.  His goal is to use music to influence and inspire his audience to believe in more.

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