No More Musix: The Documentary

Episode 4 

No More Musix: The Documentary (Episode 4)


I conditioned my mind to consistently finish what you start.This mindset allows me to eliminate excuses and channel my energy towards the result. I am misunderstood on many occasions and understand why. Creating helps me express those thoughts and make my music digestible to the average person. I undoubtedly owe my brother BDot everything. I would not make music if I did not see his musical career unfolded. He produced, composed, and engineered his own music. He led a lively bunch of young artists and formed a group called "Ghostown". He laid the foundation down for the entrepreneur mindset. For all that endured I genuinely want to enlighten somebody the same way my brother did for me.

Episode 3 

No More Musix: The Documentary (Episode 3)



“More Musix” is immensely important to my overall development as a music artist. This album showed me the definition pure emotions. I battled fiercely throughout life and use music as a tool to help my real-life situations. Notable songs like “Pray 4 Me”, “Sunset Dreams”, “All on Me” and “2nite” was crucial to the project while delivering that elevated level of honesty. I precisely learned the nuances of the music business during ‘Musix’. ‘More Musix’ is where the development of my unique sound rang true. I am now experienced enough to blend Marketing, Promotions, Music and Business together. This project allowed me to establish that identity. 

Episode 2 

No More Musix: The Documentary (Episode 2)



“Growing up on the Eastside of Cleveland, hip-hop gave him a voice to express his thoughts on everything from his own personal issues to the societal upheavals that have come to define his times.” This phrase from the author is written well because what I endured in Cleveland created my sound and my mindset. I never saw what success was while growing up. The only thing I was taught was to survive and try to live honestly. Its hard to live honestly when you trapped in areas of poverty and crime. I have done things that was not ideal, but you must adjust to the surroundings fast or you can be killed. You must check the temperature of the streets to live through. It is a certain lingo that only people in poverty can speak. Episode 2 will educate you on that language and pain. 2016 was the start of “Musix” series, and my Cleveland upbringing sparked the sound and content.

Episode 1 

No More Musix: The Documentary (Episode 1)



It is hard to describe the amount of money and resources put into making an album. I experienced every emotion while trying figure out a way to push my music forward. Never really understood how my honesty will resonate with people so I just blocked out the noise and created. I challenged myself a lot during "Sorry No More Musix". All my favorite albums captured a story with a movie like aura. Mixtapes for the most part are a collection of dope songs. I revisited one of my favorite albums of all time by Gangstarr. The “Moment of Truth” album paved the way for me and my ability to channel emotion through music. Guru and DJ Premier together shaped the Hip-Hop landscape. I owe a lot of my preparation to this album. This episode will help shed light on my mindset during the album making process. I hope the cinematic feel of “Sorry No More Musix" resonate with people today and beyond. 

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