1. Things Change

From the recording Sorry No More Musix

Produced by: The GVMNT


It all started with them six songs
I call it Musix
You feel a way, I knew it
Product of my environment
Know that this game is crucial
I done put a lot work in, nights was livin’ frugal (but)
How it supposed to be if you lit?
People talkin’ like they got it
But fuck it dog, they ain’t it
So why they change it on me
I don’t care I do my thang
So let’em change it on me
I know what it’s really worth
Your next girl, turn into your ex girl
Your ex girl try to double back just like a s-curl
I know you missin’ the vibes
I know you trippin’ inside
I don’t know why, shawty live in your lies
I’m really livin’ by that code
Somethings is never told, so you a never know
Takin’ trips to the coast, shit I rarely post
You perppin’ with that perp shit
Perppin’ like you perfect
Its perpendicular how I work shit
These angles tryin’ curve shit
This money on the curb shit
And get it out the mud, that’s that muthafuckin’ dirt shit (yeah)
Okay I do it cause of greatness
Fuck around and try to be the latest
And shawty you just basic
Now basically I ain’t shit
Let’s get down to the basis, this life is what you make it
I want my mother straight
Ownin’ houses involved in that real estate
Want my sister takin’ trips, 100k up in the bank
I want my brother makin’ calls
Transactions and different clause
Now we headed to Milan, back-n-forth for the love
Tell my n**** that we go it
You know they really hate us
And daily they debate us
But never will they bait us
See the look on they face
You know they can’t outweigh us
So they do what they do to try taint us (yeah)
Becoming more that what I’m proud to be
You don’t believe it that ain’t up to me
This is who I am, this is what you gotta see
And my city is right behind with me

Believin’ in this more
Believin’ that I’m great
Believin’ in my name
Believin’ in this game
Somethings a never change