1. Unforgettable

From the recording MiddKnight

Produced By: Track Pros


Intro: Y-S
Gotta find a right way to hold my phone
Man, yo it’s crazy it’s midnight man
I been doing this all day
Let’s get it

Verse: Y-S
Yeah, and I came up a long way
Survivin’ in the streets
And praying for entrees
And working 9-5’s
Just to get out your moms place
I’m coming from that small space
See thats the gutta
Get the fuck on
You worried about shit that you can’t do
You piling up the lies ‘cause you know that I’m the damn truth
Lite work
And I’m just use to the stares
Niggas actin’ so weird
I’m just Black in America
I’m like Yusuf in here (Rest in peace)
Yeah, oh you silly fuck
Oh you really buck
Mind your damn business is crazy niggas a get you stuck
And tippin’ to the woes turns foes a probably get you touched
I’m livin’ in it
Livin’ in wit it a get you jammed up (Word up)
Damn all the hatin’ that you focused on
Fuck a hook up I get it from the mud
People dying from them slugs
They be eyeing all your plugs
So it’s murda murda
Murda murda
It’s like a drug

Bridge: Y-S
It’s crazy man
It’s a whole process man (and umm)
I think people think like
You just make music and that’s it
It’s whole struggle man like
It’s a lot of days where!
People will never understand
But I guess it’s doesn’t matter right
Let’s go

Verse: Y-S
So If ya think of something then you real
You do it for the thrills
Some people be starvin’
They be bangin’ just like Shaquille
Some shit a get you killed
It’s like over and over
We just tryna to get a meal (Hold up)
Need a Millie for my day ones
A lot of long days
It’s like fuck it I’m grindin’ just from the parquet (That’s the floor)
It’s unforgettable
My mind is in a interval
And time a come and get at you (Yeah)
Niggas a take your bitch
Or take your lick
The same ole shit
I live in that warzone
It’s like Rainbow 6
And don’t give me your word
If you gone change up quick (Stop it)
Fuck a palm beach
Got it at arms reach
That’s what them niggas
Right off the concrete
I hope you concrete
Today a be the day
Stop thinkin’ that it’s all free
My Mobb’s Deep

Outro: Y-S
Sometimes you pay for what you do
And sometimes that payment is your life man
So Umm
I want to make sure that
Everybody understand what I’m doing and how I’m doing it
I just want to be
One love